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Every now and then, a rash of celebrity divorces breaks out, causing everyone to shift the judgement express into overdrive. Maybe we feel like it’s different when the people involved are famous, or maybe we just like escaping from our own reality. Either way, we tend to view celebrity divorces as different. They did it wrong, we did it right, end of story.

Or is it the other way around?

Take a look at a somewhat recent divorce. That of singer Hilary Duff and hockey player Mike Comrie. When the couple split in January of 2014 after four years of marriage, it ended up being the most anticlimactic celebrity divorce ever. They announced it, and that was that. Nothing more, nothing less.

The two have remained close, mainly for the benefit of their young son Luca. In fact, they’ve been seen taking vacations together and throwing joint birthday parties. Why? Because that’s what’s best for Luca.

Of course they’re not always that smooth, as was the case with rapper Wiz Khalifa and his ex-wife, model Amber Rose.

When the two split up, it got somewhat ugly in the press, with Khalifa going so far as to call Rose “a foul creature.” With constant jabs about infidelity and finances, the two came to their senses recently — and knocked it all off.

Now what we end up seeing is the two of them coming together for their almost 3 year old son, Sebastian. Rose and Khalifa have exchanged friendly Instagram posts and have defended one another in the media.

So why then, is is so weird to think that your divorce should be like a celebrity divorce? If you look at it, they’re the ones doing it right.

Look objectively at the last few major celebrity divorces, and realize that there isn’t really that much back and forth. The property is divided in the courts or mediation, and for the most part — they go their separate ways. Often there’s a request for privacy, and other than what you read in the tabloids, that’s what ends up happening.

When you find yourself arguing with your ex over petty things, forming “divorce teams” with your mutual friends, duking it out on social media, or battling over specifics of a custody agreement — that’s where the celebs have got you. They’re the ones who are keeping it private, and even being nice to each other, while you’re getting down and dirty.

Maybe you should try to be more like a celebrity.

Divorce is a confusing matter, and can take a lot out of you. It’s important that your attorney guides you through the process with care, compassion, and the level of respect that you and your family deserve. Use our Contact Us form to speak with an attorney about your divorce.

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