Mediation is a process in which a neutral Mediator helps two people come to an agreement together voluntarily.  Today, many couples use mediation to complete their divorce, custody, or support matters and thereby avoid the uncertainty of having a stranger decide their fate.

Divorce Without Court

In California, a divorce is a lawsuit. Nonetheless, in many cases, the mediation process can eliminate the parties need to ever appear in court. Working with a neutral mediator who is experienced in and out of the courtroom will give you the insight necessary to ensure your rights are being protected while giving you the opportunity to actively participate in the outcome.


Mediation is a neutral process. The Mediator does not pick sides or have a bias in favor of either party.

Animosity Is Ok

It is OK if you are not getting along with the other person right now. Ask the Mediator about responsible ways to invite the other person to mediation.

Trained Mediators

The Mediators at the Law Offices of Tracy R. Horn are family law attorneys with skills and training in mediation techniques. Our family law attorneys have also spent countless hours advocating in all family law courts throughout Southern California and we can offer you a unique perspective into what you might expect should you decide to litigate your issues, including the costs each party would face in protracted litigation.

How It Works

Generally, the mediator facilitates communication and understanding, helps the parties articulate their goals and their true interests, and employs creative problem solving.


It is OK if you already have a lawyer or if you would like to consult with one. Mediation is a collaborative effort and should never be viewed as a means to “trick” someone. The goal in mediation is to help the parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement but having a second opinion is always welcomed and your experienced San Diego Mediator will gladly address any concerns you may have. 

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