A pending divorce brings with it a host of mixed emotions and uncertainty. Losing the foundation of the family unit that one is accustomed to is never easy. In addition, the frustration of potentially hostile litigation can seem overwhelming.

Without proper representation, individuals routinely find themselves lost in the system. Complex and contested divorces can have potential disasters around every corner. Having an experienced attorney by your side that can see the long term effect of your short term decisions in invaluable. We have seen it all and we can ensure that you do not fall trap to the mistakes others make every day.

Even the simplest uncontested divorce requires proper filings, a division of assets and debts, and detailed child custody and support documentation. Our attorneys have the experience to navigate the system and ensure your rights are protected in an expeditious and compassionate manner.

Do not get lost in the system, call us today to speak with one of our experienced attorneys. Our experienced divorce attorneys can help with any of the following San Diego Divorce related legal matters:

Property Division

Spousal Support

Child Custody

Child Support

Post Judgment Enforcement & Modification