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A disturbing amount of parents are owed a disturbing amount of back child support in this country. Trying to get a non-custodial parent to pay the child support they owe can be a stressful process for everyone. Before you go into it, there’s a few things to keep in your head.


5. Is There Any Possible Way At All You Might Be Willing To Compromise?(Even A Little Bit?)

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Put $3 in your left hand, and a golf pencil in your right hand. Which hand is more useful should you need to purchase food? The one with money in it, right? If you’re owed some absurd amount of money from your ex, you may want to open your mind to some sort of compromise. You’re not going to want to, but it might be the only way to get any kind of payment at all. If you can accept a percentage, agree to waive late fees, or any other kind of compromise — things might go more smoothly. Something is way better than the nothing you’re getting now.


4. How Close Are You To Tax Season?

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This isn’t what you think. You’re going to get whatever income tax return you’re going to get, and that’s no substitute for the child support you’re owed. However… your ex is going to get a tax return. If they are sufficiently delinquent on their payments, their return can be garnished or outright surrendered. Speak to your lawyer and make sure the documentation is taken care of, so that you can collect what you’re owed.


3. Will This Ruin Your Ex? (And Does That Thought Make You Happy?)

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Technically, that’s two things, but it’s okay — they’re related. If the thought of your ex being out of work, ruined, life in shambles, and destitute makes you happy; it means your priorities are screwed up. This is about getting the money your children are owed, paid to them. It’s not about revenge for sleeping around or spending the rent at the track. It’s about your kids. You also have to remember that if your ex is fired, evicted, and ruined — they can’t pay anything. To pay child support, one must first be gainfully employed. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot with a revenge fantasy.


2. Where Are You Getting Your Information?



If your explanation for anything you do begins with “I read on Facebook” or “I did a Google search” — you’re doing it wrong. There is a lot of false information out there and following it will lead you down a very dark path. You’re allowed to do certain things and you have certain tools at your disposal. If there is a way to do something, your lawyer knows. There are no “tips and tricks your lawyer doesn’t want you to know.” Your lawyer wants this resolved as quickly and easily as you do. If you’re confused or think something’s not working, talk to your lawyer. Don’t listen to rumor or third-hand information. Go to the expert.


1. Can You Absolutely, 100%, Without A Doubt, Completely Back Up The Accusations You Make?

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It might be frustrating, but you have to be absolutely sure the iPhone you saw your ex using on Instagram is new and was purchased with what should have been child support payments. If you heard they bought a new car, are you positive it wasn’t a gift? If your ex is up to something shady, can you absolutely prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt? Are your claims based on verifiable sources, or did you just hear it from Dana who heard it from Felicia? If you walk into one of these things and are less than 100% positive (99% doesn’t cut it), you could paint yourself into a very scary corner. Talk to your lawyer and make sure you’re crossing t’s and dotting i’s.


Collecting back child support can be difficult and stressful. You deserve a lawyer who can explain things to you and guide you through the process in the most compassionate and respectful manner possible.  Use our Contact Us page to speak with an attorney who can make sure you’re treated fairly.

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