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More parents are owed back child support than any of us care to imagine. In fact, the numbers are off the scale. When a non-custodial parent owes incredible amounts of back child support, it can cause an inordinate amount of stress. More importantly, it robs the child of much needed financial resources. While it might seem like an uphill battle — there’s ways out of it.


5. When They Think Working Under The Table Gets Them Out Of It

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It’s sort of mind-blowing to think that someone would go through all that trouble just to get out of paying their children what’s owed to them. Yet, it happens and happens all the time.  A parent owed back child support can get insanely frustrated knowing their ex is working and making money, yet not paying a dime. The way around this? Talk to your lawyer and make sure Child Support Services is aware of what you’re owed. They might be working off the books, but if they ever want to renew their driver’s license, travel abroad, vote, get pulled over without being arrested, or do pretty much anything dealing with the government — it’s not happening.  They can either pay what they owe, or keep digging deeper and deeper into more and more legal trouble.


4. When Their Stepchild Has The New Jordans

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Here you are, struggling to get by, scrambling to make ends meet, doing what you can while your ex tells the courts there’s no more money to give. Lo and behold, you check Instagram and look who’s stepchild is showing off the new J’s and has their own iPhone. There’s no money to pay the back child support, but apparently high dollar sneakers for someone else’s kid are in the equation? This is frustrating, but if you have solid proof of it — like a social media post — you can actually show this to the courts. While there might be a story behind it (they were a gift, something like that), your ex at least has to answer the question. Judges don’t care about much else other than getting child support to the children to whom it’s owed.


3. They Brag About An Upcoming Tax Return Purchase

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Of course they’re using their income tax returns as a down payment on a new car, right? You’re using your tax return to buy something fun and amazing like groceries, yet your ex is on a new motorcycle. Is that fair? Absolutely not. Do you have to sit back and take it? Absolutely not. Income tax returns are another one of those things that stop existing when someone owes back child support.  If they’re far enough behind, the court can look at that tax return and say “Thank you very much” and hand it to you. Your lawyer can help you get all set up for this, making for a pretty satisfying April 16 for you and your child.


2. When They Go Into Hiding

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It’s almost like playing peek-a-boo with a young child.  Just because they put their hands over their face doesn’t mean you can’t see them — but they think that. When your ex is so committed to not supporting your children that they try to simply vanish from Earth, it can be frustrating. You know they’re there somewhere, but they refuse to surface. Just because they switch to burner phones and stop using checking accounts doesn’t mean you have to give up on collecting what they owe your kids. Work with your lawyer to make sure your ex is listed as a delinquent parent in every database you’re allowed to use. Should a police officer run their name, they try to renew a license, get a legitimate job, or anything that requires any sort of database query — odds are, you’ve got them.


1. The Fact That You’re Doing It All And They’re Doing Nothing

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That’s kind of the worst part, isn’t it? Here you are, the sole provider, doing it all — and they do nothing. When they said “I just can’t do it”, you found a way to make it all work because you have to do it. Can’t isn’t an option for you.  It’s hard to do anything to alleviate that frustration.  One of the best pieces of advice you give your kids is to be nice and share… and you have to do the same.  It might be tough to come around to, but you may have to compromise. Talking to your ex and offering lower payments or waiving the late fees, might be the only way to resolve this. Something is better than nothing, right?


Enforcing a child support order can be frustrating. Use our Contact Us form to speak with an attorney who can start you back on the road to being supported.

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