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Getting through your divorce is not easy. Nobody ever said it would be.

One of the most important things to remember during your divorce is to take care of yourself. This means physically, legally, but also emotionally.  Keeping a level head and good confidence will make sure your divorce ends up running smoothly, and you stay as stress free as possible. When things feel out of focus, take time to tell yourself a few personal affirmations that will change the game.


“You have never lived through anything you didn’t overcome”

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It’s true.  You’ve gotten through a lot of things in your life, and this is just one more thing you’ll get past. You were just fine after the other things, and you’ll be just fine after this. It might not feel like it now, but you will.


“Divorce is not an ending. It’s a family change.”

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You should never feel like you have failed at anything when you go through a divorce. Nothing is ending, it’s just changing.  You and your ex will continue to be parents to your children, and things will continue on — just in a different way.


“Whatever is going to happen will happen, and I’ll be okay with that.”

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Worrying about things you can’t control is the best way to stress yourself out. Rather, accept that things are going to happen and fighting them won’t change that. Take things on as they happen, and handle the rest when it’s the appropriate time. Some of the things you’re stressing about are your lawyer’s job to worry about.




It’s that simple. When you find yourself getting wrapped up in the stress and the fighting, take a moment to just breathe. Don’t think, just breathe. Nothing is more basic or more important.  In any divorce, it’s vital to take a moment each day to… just breathe.


“This person I am becoming will be awesome”

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Life is not over, and in some ways it’s just beginning. You’re learning life lessons and becoming stronger. A divorce is not a war, and there’s no reason to treat it like one. It should be the beginning of this next, even more amazing, chapter in your life.


If you’re starting your journey through divorce, you need a lawyer who can treat this time with the care and respect you deserve. Use our Contact Us form to speak with one of our attorneys now.

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