While it makes for very compelling storylines; in reality, divorce is rarely like the movies make it seem. Unfortunately, a lot of people go into their divorce armed only with what they’ve seen in movies. That can be dangerous, since life rarely imitates art.


5. It Has To Be A Huge Courtroom Showdown

divorce court

While some nastier divorce cases end up in court, a lot of times you can do an entire divorce wire to wire and never see the inside of a courtroom. In fact, the majority of divorces are settled without a dramatic courtroom showdown. It might be great movie drama, but in real life, your attorney will help you stay out of the courtroom as much as possible.


4. Adultery Means You Get Nothing

divorce adultery

You really shouldn’t commit adultery to begin with, but it doesn’t mean that all of your claims are instantly invalidated. When it comes to dividing property, in most places — adultery often isn’t even considered. Most judges focus on the economic aspects as opposed to fidelity. On top of that, proving adultery is so complicated and time consuming, that it’s usually not even worth the effort.


3. Your Attorneys Go To Absolute War With Each Other


Lawyers — the good ones, anyway — will tell you the same thing. Nobody wins these things. Your lawyer, just like you, wants to wrap the whole thing up in as civil and reasonable manner as possible. Dropping the gloves with another attorney is counter-productive and wastes everyone’s time. Plus, the lawyers often know one another. When it’s handled mostly with handshakes and emails, everyone avoids some stress.


2. Children Have To Choose What Parent They Live With

child custody

It makes for great drama, but ask yourself this: why would a judge do that to a kid? In a custody battle, it’s much more beneficial for a judge to award primary custody based on the best interest of the child, and the different situations with each parent. While this can get a little messy, it doesn’t have to. Compromise is key here, and when parents operate on a give-and-take, rather than being vindictive, it spares the child a lot of heartache. But they won’t have to take the stand and choose.


1. You Can Hide Assets In A Divorce (And Get Away With It)

divorce alimony

You can try… but odds are you’ll fail and fail miserably. Concealing your assets in a divorce is nearly impossible and in some places, get you into a whole mess of legal trouble. What you have to remember is that lawyers are not stupid, and have been here before. They’ve seen it all and heard it all. They’ll notice the fact that you had money and now don’t. Or sudden changes of ownership. It’s really not even worth it to try.



Divorce is hard and it’s important to have a good attorney who can help you through this difficult time. Use our contact form to speak with an attorney who can get you started on the right path.

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