While divorce is a pretty serious thing, sometimes we come across stories that we just have to laugh at. These are some of our favorites.


5. Divorcing The Undead


In 2007, Karen Finnegan of Connecticut sued her husband Joseph for divorce. Joseph claimed she had no grounds for the divorce, since they hadn’t been married in three years on account of him being dead. It seems Joseph’s heart had stopped some time in 2004, and he was revived by EMTs. By Joseph’s interpretation of his state’s law, since his heart stopped then (and three other times), the marriage was over when he died. He filed a motion to dismiss on the grounds that he was no longer married to the plaintiff, since he was “previously dead.” The judge denied his motion on the grounds of Joseph standing in court being very much alive.


4. Get Out And Take Your Catfish With You


Peter and Jane Picknelly of Massachusetts were in the process of finalizing their divorce, when they hit a snag. In the process of splitting up, Peter got the house. The snag happened when Jane demanded her six pound pet catfish Pinky stay at the house. As big as he was, Pinky required a certain level of care, and the apartment Jane was moving into didn’t have that kind of space. Peter, as it turns out, hated the catfish and refused to allow it to stay in the house. A court battle over the custody of the catfish ensued, and Jane ended up bringing Pinky into a smaller tank at her apartment. Pinky later had a heart attack and died.


3. Marriage Of 77 Years Ends Because Of An Affair (That Happened During WWII)


A 99 year old Italian man demanded a divorce from his wife of 77 years, because he found out she had an affair while he was deployed — in World War II. It seems she kept it secret all the way until 2011, when she was outed by the letters to her lover she’d kept in her dresser drawers. This apparently was the first time in 77 years he’d ever opened her dresser drawer, and the letters were right there waiting. She came clean about the whole thing, begged him to stay, but he wasn’t having it.


2. A Judge Orders A Couple To Live In A Sitcom Plot (And Another Judge Upholds It)


In a rather well-publicized case, Brooklyn couple Simon and Chana Taub were in the middle of a messy divorce and could not resolve the ownership of their house. When neither of them would vacate, a judge literally ordered the couple to split the house down the middle and place sheetrock and plywood walls as dividers. The figurative wall between them became an actual wall, until the divorce was final and ownership could be decided. The couple appealed the wacky decision, only to have the second judge throw the case out — forcing them to live in the Wall House.


1. The Revenge That Ended Up Being A Favor


According to a Reddit post by a former lawyer, a client of his was angry at his soon-to-be ex wife, and tried taking revenge. He used her name, email, and phone number to sign up for, as he put it, “every bank, loan, religious, mental illness, and pornographic site he could think of.” (Note: you should never do this, it’s illegal.) One of the sites he signed her up for was Craigslist, where he posted her information looking for anonymous hook-ups (again, illegal… don’t do that). As it turns out, the whole plan backfired, and the ex wife ended up going out with one of the guys who answered the post — and is apparently pretty happy with her new beau.


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