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Getting a divorce can quickly devolve into unmitigated warfare that redefines “futility.” There will always be that moment in the midst of the bickering and fighting that you’ll find yourself wondering why there’s not a better way. There is a better way, and it’s called mediation. Using a mediator instead of that “other” way has a number of benefits.


5. They’re A Neutral Party That Just Wants To See Everyone Happy


A mediator walks into the room and has absolutely no other goal in mind than complete harmony. They don’t care who gets the house and who gets the car, just that everyone has a happy feeling when they walk out. They’re the absolute epitome of a neutrality, and will flat-out refuse to take sides.


4. The Lost Art Of Compromise Is Their Specialty

divorce compromise

No matter how level-headed a person you think you are, a divorce will cause the area of your brain that controls compromise to shut completely down. You will find yourself screaming on the phone and threatening to go to court over who gets to keep your Snoopy coffee mug. Mediators can cut through this like a buzzsaw, and get the two of you to meet in the middle on almost anything. Before you know it, everything is tied up in a neat bow and you’re shaking hands with everyone.


3. You’re Not Dealing With Judges Or Courts And Everything That Comes With That

divorce court

Nobody likes going to court. In fact, there’s a lot of lawyers that don’t care for it. The judges can be harsh, you’re not in control, it’s intimidating, and everything is so cut-and-dry. Going through mediation erases all of that, and lets you and your ex talk to each other like normal adults — a novel concept. Everyone gets a chance to speak freely and in a constructive manner. You get to use phrases like “I would like…”, “I think…”, and the ever-elusive “How come?” Once you’re able to work things out in a constructive manner, you both sign off on it, and that’s that.


2. It Stops Being A Question Of Winning And Losing


Divorce is insane because people try to win at it. What they fail to realize is that nobody wins a divorce. The difference with mediation is that everyone can come out ahead. The goal of mediation is not to win, but to make sure everyone gets what they need.  You get what is best for you, your ex gets what’s best for them, and everyone goes home happy. Mediators can make it so that everyone benefits, because they have everyone’s best interests at heart.


1. Everyone’s Stress Level Can Drop More Than A Few Notches


Arguing over the ins and outs of a divorce can drive everyone insane. You can go back and forth in court over particulars and minutiae, and it’s a safe bet someone’s going home with an ulcer. Mediation puts everyone in a calm environment, with an expert in calm communication, and gets everyone to be constructive. Keeping it out of the courts and between rational adults is a great way to make sure nobody rips their hair out from stress.


Divorce is hard on everyone. Our practice is focused on taking a caring and sensitive approach to your case. If you are going through a divorce, use our Contact Us form to speak with one of our attorneys about how your case can be handled with care.

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